The struggle for equality in America has spanned decades. In her new book, Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution, Linda Hirshman attempts to return to those pivotal moments in LGBT rights history with interviews and materials dug up from the archives. Here, she discusses the achievements of key gay and lesbian leaders with Michel Martin of NPR. [NPR]

Spandex: The First All Gay Superhero Team: Ever wonder what a team of LGBT superheroes would look like? Check out Spandex, “the world’s first all gay superhero team.” Nominated for “Best British Comic” at the Eagle Awards, this comic’s team is quite fabulous. Meet them for yourselves here.

ACLU Criticizes Utah School District for Removing Lesbian Parenting Book: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is taking a Utah school district to task for requiring kids to show parental permission slips before checking out In Our Mother’s House, a children’s book by Patricia Polacco. The storyline is centered on a lesbian couple raising children. [EdgeBoston]

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