Last Friday, Dan Savage stood before librarians, authors, and other professionals as he gave the opening address to the American Library Association conference at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Savage and husband Terry Miller are credited with starting the wildly popular “It Gets Better” YouTube campaign and subsequent collection of essays. The project connects bullied LGBT youth to adults who have overcome homophobia.

During his speech, Savage told the crowd that gay adults should feel compelled to “reach out to these kids.” [Nola]

‘True Blood’s’ Kristen Bauer van Straten on Pam, The Late-In-Afterlife LesbianTrue Blood aficionados know Pam as the sultry Sappho you can never get enough of. In this She Wired interview, the actress who plays the deadly (in more ways than one) vamp quenches our thirst for a few minutes by dishing out some season details. [SheWired]

Publishers Ignoring Lesbian Writers: In this Washington Blade opinions piece, Julie Enszer argues that lesbian writers aren’t given the time of day by most of the larger and well-funded publishing houses.

“So what does the lack of attention from mainstream publishers mean to readers?” Enszer wrote. “In short, it means that excellent books by lesbian writers don’t get time and attention from the mainstream publishing industry. It means that it is difficult to find books that have compelling lesbian characters.” [WashingtonBlade]

Perez Hilton: I’ve Changed: Infamous blogger Perez Hilton may be known for spewing nasty celebrity gossip and outing closeted stars, but in this Pink News interview, he promises he’s going to play it nice.

“I think for the longest time gay men were embarrassed and upset by me and thought I was a poor representation of the gay community,” Hilton told Pink News. “Having made the changes I have I’m still able to be sassy and opinionated, but I can sleep better at night knowing I’m not contributing to the problem.” [PinkNews]

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