Attention North Carolinians: Be do-gooders this summer by donating your old queer-themed books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs to the LGBT Center of Raleigh’s new library. Slated to open this August, community donations are still needed to complete its growing collection. [GoQNotes]

Dallas Holocaust Museum Opens Exhibit On Nazi Persecution of Gays: Across the globe, the Holocaust is associated with the monstrous persecution of Jewish men, women, and children. But few are aware that Nazi Germany targeted and arrested approximately 100,000 gay men. The Dallas Holocaust Museum is hoping change that: it has partnered with members of the LGBT community to create an exhibit called Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945, which is intended to shed light on the brutal treatment of gays under Adolph Hitler’s regime.

The partnership was formed last year after the Westboro Baptist Church staged a protest in front of the Holocaust center.

“Not only is our relationship strong, but we’ve evolved into a partnership teaching tolerance as the response to bigotry and indifference,” Museum President and CEO Alice Murray said.

The exhibit opened on June 3. [DallasVoice]

Archie Writer Talks About What’s in Store for Kevin Keller: Gay Archie character Kevin Keller forever changed the old-fashioned town of Riverdale with his appearance last fall. Dan Parent, the writer-illustrator responsible for shooting a dose of queer into the series, talks to After Elton about backlash, making pop culture history, and what’s next for Kevin. Parent takes the message a step further by making Keller the son of a military man and aspiring soldier himself.

“There’s a stereotype that military people are not gay-friendly – of course there are gay people in the military,” Parent said. “I wanted to show the other side, that there are people in the military who are gay-friendly and aren’t homophobic.” [AfterElton]

Community Colleges Seek Funding for Scholarships for Gay Students: For disenfranchised young gay students, a college education often comes second to earning enough money to live on. Many are unable to complete their education, finding increasing tuition costs and work obligations an impenetrable barrier to obtaining a degree. Fundraisers for the Out and Up Scholarship for LGBT youth are seeking to help these students finish school by covering up to $5,000 of recipients’ tuition bills (at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges).  Donations can be made by visiting [AZCentral]

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