More than 70 years after Federico García Lorca was assassinated during the Spanish civil war, evidence of an affair with then 19-year-old Juan Ramírez de Lucas has sufaced. A young art critic, Ramírez de Lucas died in 2010. His sister received his box of mementos, which contained a never before seen poem and a diary. [Guardian]

“Now Obama’s Come Out on Same-Sex Marriage, Maybe So Will I”: Celebrated gay novelist Edmund White’s ideas about same-sex marriage have evolved. Having once considered marriage “just another effort on the part of gays to resemble their straight neighbors”, he is now mulling over the idea of tying the knot with his longtime partner. [Guardian]

The Spandex Closet: 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out [Opinion]: With all the straight, white superheroes out there, it’s not hard to imagine that a few of these macho men have identity issues. And no, we’re not talking about grappling with superpowers. If you’ve been wondering who might be coming out of the “spandex closet” soon, here’s a handy list. [ComicsAlliance]

The Letter Q Sends the Younger You a Message: The Letter Q aims to put a stop to teen suicide through a series of letters composed by prominent LGBT writers to their younger selves. Learn more about this powerful anthology and its authors here.

Photo:  Federico García Lorca via The Guardian

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