Philip D. Luing has chosen to honor his partner, Jeff Lalonde, in a nontraditional way: with an e-book of letters titled From Particles and Disputations: Writings for Jeff. Luing wrote the letters to him over the span of their 12-year relationship, before Lalonde died from AIDS complications. Luing told Windy City Media:

“As the topic of same-sex marriage and the value of same-sex relationships has grown into a national discussion among the general public, I’ve sorely wanted to contribute my experience with Jeff to that conversation, to show why these relationships command recognition. The advent of e-books has opened up opportunities for non-traditional books, such as mine, to get out, be seen and perhaps build enough of an audience for a publisher to risk a hard copy book. I had an opportunity to publish it as an e-book, and now it’s out there taking part in the conversation.” [WindyCityMedia]

Bywater Books Names Karlsberg Publisher: Michele Karlsberg, who has served as Bywater’s marketing manager for three years, has been named publisher of the company. Formerly, she was a co-founder of Amethyst Press and ran her own marketing company for 23 years.

“One of my goals is to look up gay and lesbian and feminist books that are out of print, and then reissue them,” Karlsberg said.

Bywater Books specializes in publishing lesbian fiction. [PublishersWeekly]

Gay Literature’s New Wrinkle: Salon journalist Jason Farago comments on heterosexual Nobel winner Herta Müller’s brand new gay-centric novel and what it means for LGBT literature.

“It can only be a good thing that the terms of gay fiction are expanding to include not only more readers but more writers,” Farago wrote. “Yet gays have been writing about straight people for hundreds of years, and while straight writers who write gay fiction are celebrated for taking a risk and for imagining something beyond their own experience, gay and lesbian writers who do the opposite, such as Colm Tóibín in Brooklyn or Sarah Waters in The Little Stranger, don’t really get the same credit.” [Salon]

Notable 2011-2012 Books by African-American LGBT Authors: Looking to spend the summer with your nose in a book? Check out this great selection of LGBT books, all of which have been written by African Americans. Options range from the Lambda Literary Award Nominated Mogul by Terrance Dean to romance and erotica. [HuffingtonPost]

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