Ever wonder why LGBT teens seem to be, for the most part, absent in dystopian tales? Perhaps, Paolo Bacigalupi argues, it’s because life is already somewhat of a dystopia for these youths. From soul crushing discrimination to physical danger, society puts LGBT people down in ways that straight protagonists in novels don’t face. [KirkusReviews]

Prism Comics Presents LGBT Disney Fandom Panel: This year’s WonderCon was held from March 16-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Prism Comics, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting LGBT comic book creators, showcased LGBT Disney fandom at the California event. Find out more here.

Your Brain on Fiction: Annie Murphy Paul writes that, “what scientists have come to realize in the last few years is that narratives activate many other parts of our brains…suggesting why the experience of reading can feel so alive.” These narratives, according to Paul, can both excite our minds and shape our actions. [NYTimes]

New AIDS Exhibit at the GLBT History Museum: Life & Death in Black & White: AIDS Direct Action in San Francisco, 1985-1990 has recently opened at the GLBT History Museum and features the work of photographers Jane Philomen Cleland, Patrick Clifton, Marc Geller, Rick Gerharter, and Daniel Nicoletta. For more information, check out the full article here.

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