Actress Viola Davis is in talks to star in the biopic of the famous ground-breaking politician Barbara Jordan.  Davis is eyeing the role of Jordan as well as possibly serving as a producing partner on the film. The movie will be based on the 2000 biography Barbara Jordan: American Hero, written by Mary Beth Rogers.

Shadow and Act reports:

Paris Barclay will direct from a script adapted by Emmy-nominated writer Paris Qualles (primarily written for TV).

A little about Barbara Jordan… she was the first African American to serve in the Texas Senate since Reconstruction, the first black woman elected to Congress from the South, and the first to deliver the keynote address at a national party convention.

But, given how private a life she led, Jordan was considered something of a mystery, even to her close friends–friends who didn’t know about the illness that would eventually kill her at just 59 years old….

And while she never publicly discussed her sexual orientation (not that she had to), Jordan’s obituary mentioned her long-term (30-year) relationship with Nancy Earl, an educational psychologist.

Director Paris Barclay told Variety,  “We’re hoping this becomes a movie that shows the world everything that Viola can do. People haven’t seen everything that she’s capable of, and this role is so powerful.”


[via Shadow And Act]



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