Back in June, Northstar tied the knot with his male partner. And now, Marvel’s Wolverine and Hercules share a kiss in X-Treme X-Men #10. The series features Marvel characters from “alternate universes.” [HuffPo]

Hot Gay Page Turners: These LGBT-themed reads will heat up your spring nights. Recommended titles include Phil Tiemeyer’s Plane Queer and Mike Pingel’s Betty White Rules the World. [WashingtonBlade]

More Shops Announce Boycott Of Anti-Gay Writer’s Comic Book: The outrage continues over DC Comics’ decision to hire virulently anti-gay author Orson Scott Card to pen an Adventures of Superman comic book. Several stores have already boycotted the upcoming issue, and more are following suit, including Canada-based Comic Book Shoppe. An online petition calling on DC Comics to ditch Card boasts over 16,000 signatures. [Towleroad]

Author Writes First LGBT-Inclusive Jewish Children’s Book in English: Out Impact chats with Elizabeth Kushner, author of Jewish children’s book The Purim Superhero, about addressing LGBT issues, Jewish culture, and diversity. [OutImpact]


[image via Marvel]

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