Atlanta-based photographer Kim Roseberry will profile 25 black lesbians and couples in her latest book, We Love As You Do (SHEdriven). Roseberry chose to focus on lesbians of color because of the stigma attached to them by the black community as a result of religious beliefs.

Diverse in terms of jobs and age, the book will feature professionals across fields from the ages of 20 to 46. “This book puts a real face and a real story behind lesbians,” Roseberry said. [EdgeAtlanta]

Pride and Color Posters Vandalized: Pride and Color, an Amherst College group dedicated to promoting ethic and racial diversity among gays and lesbians, has become the target of vandals after local bookstore Food for Thought Books plastered its front window with posters of racially diverse gay couples designed by the group. The vandals covered the images of the couples kissing and holding each other with duct tape.

This isn’t the first time Pride and Color has fallen victim to homophobic actions: while tabling at Amherst, a person wrote on their club signs, “straight is normal.” [DailyCollegian]

Drama at The Center: Perry Brass comments on recent controversy at The Center that involves Michael Lucas, Israel Apartheid, and a huge boycott. [QueerNYBlog]


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  1. […] Atlanta Photographer's New Book Highlights Black Lesbians and … […]

  2. […] Atlanta Photographer’s New Book Highlights Black Lesbians and Couples […]

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