Morehouse, a respected all-male African American college, will offer a spring 2013 course titled “A Genealogy of Black LGBT Culture and Politics.” It will be taught via video conference by Yale University professor and previous Lambda Literary Award finalist Dr. Jafari Sinclaire Allen. Morehouse student Marcus Lee wrote that to him, the course “means relief; it means stepping away from a culture of silence and stoicism, and toward one of candor and understanding.” Three years ago, the institution’s administration banned “clothing associated with women’s garb.” [HuffingtonPost]

Terry Gross’ Moving Maurice Sendak Interview: Though gay author and illustrator Maurice Bernard Sendak passed in 2012, his NPR Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross has been deemed “one of the most soul-stirring conversations you’ll ever hear on the airwaves.” Click here to see Christoph Niemann’s illustrations of the interview’s final five minutes.

Rethinking Those Words for Screen: What’s it like to adapt a screenplay from a book? Contenders for the best adapted screenplay Oscar dish on the process. [NYTimes]


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