Glad Day Bookshop in Canada, which may be the oldest “currently open”  LGBT bookstore in the world, might have to close its doors after a stark decline in sales. According to the Star, the shop opened in 1970 and served as a refuge for gays and lesbians in Toronto. It also played a prominent role in the fight for LGBT rights. The bookshop’s owner, John Scythes, has been appealing to friends and customers for aid in keeping the iconic store alive. [TheStar]

LGBT Organizations Need Your Help: If you’re a native of Georgia or just want to spread some belated holiday cheer, a number of organizations like Charis Circle and Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse could put your generous donations to use. Charis Circle is Charis Books & More’s nonprofit arm, and it’s seeking donations for a feminist center. Outwrite is continuing its “Save Outwrite Books” campaign to support a relocation attempt. [TheGAVoice]

John Medeiros Defends Gay Apology Letter: Poet and gay rights activist John Medeiros has become known for his satirical apology letter to Amy Koch, a conservative who recently came under fire for having an affair with a staffer. After a wave of positive responses –and also some criticism –Medeiros explains his motives behind the letter. He wrote:

“First and foremost, my letter is a piece of satire. I used the exact same arguments and the exact same language that have been used against the GLBT community since the marriage debate started.”

His original letter has already received close to 90,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook. [CityPages]

Best Lesbian-Centered Books of 2011: Though 2012 is already here, it’s still early enough in the New Year to catch up on all that reading you were supposed to finish up months ago! Need a few good recommendations for books with lesbian leads? Then check out this After Ellen roundup!

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