From the Executive Director’s Desk

Since becoming the Executive Director of the Lambda Literary Foundation just a few months ago, I’ve had many conversations with members of our diverse queer literary community to hear what they’d like to see from us, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for LGBT literature.

I’ve talked to readers who’ve asked for a greater selection of book recommendations and reviews, not just in literary fiction, memoir or poetry but in mystery, romance, young adult and other specialty fiction.  I’ve talked to writers who are looking for practical advice like how to find a publisher, or an editor, how to network with other writers and how to promote their book.

Some publishers in our community have told me they have a devoted following but are challenged by the lack of visibility of LGBT literature in the community at large which impedes the expansion of their audience.  If more gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans readers knew they existed, they would certainly find a book to love from our queer presses.

Just about everyone has asked, “What is the future of publishing?”  Where are we headed as more LGBT bookstores close and as we move from books made out of cloth to books made up of bytes?  What about self-published books, e-books and e-readers?  Where do we find an LGBT literary community when public space seems to be disappearing and the virtual world is a very crowded public place?

LLF Board member and six-time Lammy winner, Nicola Griffith, began to lay out her unique vision for this website last fall.  With the addition of the talented Antonio Gonzalez, LLF’s web producer in New York City, and Karina Meléndez, an extraordinary web developer in British Columbia, what had been a dated and static site for this organization has been transformed into a dynamic, living and breathing community website where we will begin anew to address your requests, explore and debate the questions that perplex us and, most importantly, build stronger community among all the segments of the LGBT literary landscape –readers, writers, publishers, editors, booksellers and librarians.

This is, indeed, a website for all of us.

Join us in taking Lambda Literary Foundation’s twenty-two year history of celebrating and honoring LGBT literature into new and exciting terrain.  Be a part of creating, deconstructing, debating and promoting the present and the future of queer lit.  Tells us what you think.  Be a part of the conversation.


Tony Valenzuela
Executive Director