Friday + Saturday, September 30 + October 1

New performance, dance and inter-disciplinary works that speak to the evolution of established and emerging Latina/o Artists in Los Angeles.

This installment, which takes place over two consecutive nights, features performance works by Marcos Najera and Karen Anzoategui, and dance works by Soul Lab Dance Project and Christine Suarez .


Marcos Najera’s 
”Brown Oxygen/Oxigeno” is a collection of monologues performed through movement and metaphor that explore the inner workings of the Latino mind and people of color.

The project asks the question: where do mental health problems and mood disorders originate inside our heads? Collaborators include Leslie Ishii (voice), Allison Wyper (movement), Debra Piver (acting), Dorinne Kondo (dramaturgy), Luis Alfaro (text) & Juliette Carrillo (direction).
Karen Anzoategui’s “SER: L.A. VS. B.A” is a transnational queer tale of choosing between Buenos Aires: the soccer mecca burning in her heart, and Los Angeles: the land of peace and plenty. Caught in the middle of her parents’ tumultuous match they call marriage, as a kid Karen is kicked back and forth between L.A. and Buenos Aires. In adulthood she has to choose between the soccer mecca burning in her heart, home of her personal saint Maradona and L.A., the immigrant dreamland of peace and plenty.

In the middle of it all she fights her way out of dresses and into soccer gear, and faces yet another question: Who will be the object of her affection, the boys on the field or the girls in the stands? Soccer fanaticism, sexual identity, domestic violence and political repression make “SER” a unique story of the dilemmas of the transnational Latino experience.


Soul Lab Dance Project
Soul Lab Dance Project weaves together individual pieces by members Stephanie Castro, Marina Magalhães and Arianna Taboada into a new multi-media dance theater work.

Christine Suarez choreographs and performs in “Mother.Fucker.” a solo and self-portrait of her own transition into motherhood. Her words punctuate moments that range from mundane observations to profound surrenders. Her movement both devours space and rigorously spirals in on itself. With “Mother.Fucker.” Suarez reveals a personal narrative that sheds light on the absurd and poetic life of a mother.


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