Curated by Bradford Nordeen, THINGS: a queer legacy of graphic art and play is an exhibition of objects and ephemera made by queer artists best “known for their work in journalism and media.” Encompassing a wide-range of startling DYI queer art making, the show is a playful snapshot of our puckish queer history and our still ruckus making present.

The show runs through August 21, 2016 at Participant Inc, in New York City, and then again at the ONE Gay & Lesbian National Archives, in Los Angeles, California, from September 17 through December 11, 2016. Speaking of the show, cultural critic Theodore Kerr said the works on display “link to a history and a movement within the response to AIDS in which words and representation mattered.”

From the press kit:

[….] Drafted during moments of leisure and distributed largely through social means, the paintings, drawings and printed matter collected in the exhibition THINGS harness the quiet radicality of their activist origins. From the hyper-sexualized drawings and comics of filmmaker Curt McDowell, to the ‘60s revisionist wall reliefs and high gloss paintings of video artist Tom Rubnitz, through music journalist and AIDS columnist Robert Fordʼs underground black culture ‘zine, THING — for “she knows who she is” — the tactics on display carry through to a younger generation, whose object-making bolsters or elaborates the artists’ primary, time-based practices. Through expressive self-portraiture, utopian world making, and scene-charting ‘zine cultures, the materials assembled in THINGS evince the intensely vital and political potential of craft to reflect the world as it appears or is perceived at immensely personal moments of artistic reflection. THINGS is presented by ONE Gay & Lesbian National Archives and PARTICIPANT INC, in collaboration with Anthology Film Archives, Video Data Bank, and Visual AIDS.

The exhibition will be on view at ONE Gay & Lesbian National Archives from September 17 – December 11, 2016.

Click here for more information about the show.


Image via Robert Ford’s THING

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