Where has all of the Lavender Gone?

This Institute is intended as an opportunity for members of the LBTGIQQ or Queer community – as it is broadly defined – to share information, experiences and strategies for change. We invite all those who identify with the Queer community to join us for this day of discussion and reflection.

Hilton Hotel, Anaheim, California
Saturday, July 31st; 9:00am­4:00pm
2010 NCADV National Conference

Queering Sexual Violence:
Confronting the Mainstream
Anti­Violence Movement

Queering Sexual Violence works to disrupt heterosexual privilege and the gender binary system inoverarching attitudes towards sexual violence, pri­
mary prevention, and aftercare. In opening up the dialog about the limitations of the anti­sexual vio­lence movement for LGBTQIH survivors and activists,
Jennifer Patterson sees hopeful change for the fu­ture.

~Jennifer Patterson is a survivor of opposite­ sex rape and a lesbian. By being out about both, she is constantly challenged by how these cohabiting aspects of herself seem to be a regular point of contention for other people.
She trained and worked as a group facilitator for Project Envision, a Department of Health funded off­ shoot of New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault

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