On Thursday, January 5, Author Perry Brass will be talking with Charles Silverstein (co-author of the classic The Joy of Gay Sex) at the Barnes & Noble at 2289 Broadway at 82nd Street, New York at 7 PM, about his new book For the Ferryman (Chelsea Station Editions), a memoir about his intensely romantic, difficult, and extremely challenging relationship with William Bory, a young man 15 years his junior, which lasted twenty years until William’s death in 1994 from AIDS.

The press materials for the book states:

For the Ferryman is a portrait of an amazing relationship, one that would have tried the soul of any man—and Charles Silverstein is incredibly honest about himself and William, who became both a lawyer and tragically drug addicted, in it. William was brilliant, often socially shut-down although radiantly charming at times, a talented poet, and a self-taught authority on almost everything. In this book, Charles brings him to life as well the turbulent opening modern era of gay liberation and the Gay Activists Alliance (some of you may remember the famous Firehouse dances from the early 1970s), and his own part in the struggle to have homosexuality removed from the “sickness” list of the American Psychiatric Association.

This event is free and open to the public.


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