How to Submit Books for Review

We prefer to receive materials 3 to 4 months in advance of publication date. We will accept galleys, page proofs, or manuscripts (only one copy is necessary). Those publishers (small houses) that cannot supply advance galleys may submit finished books, but these should be sent as early as possible with the words “In lieu of galleys” and the publication date affixed to the cover.

We generally avoid reviewing books later than date of publication, though we do make exceptions for previous Lambda Award Finalists and Winners.

Please note, we can not  guarantee all materials  sent to Lambda Literary will be reviewed on the site.

Address materials to:

PO Box 20186

New York, NY 10014

Include the Following: Author, title; name, address, and telephone number of publisher; date of publication; price; number of pages; and ISBN and LC numbers if available.

Please indicate whether any illustrations, an index, or bibliography will be included.

Also include a brief description of the book, its intended audience, and information on the author’s background.

Review Status: does not answer review status queries.

Questions: Email William Johnson at [email protected]

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