1. Headlines.

The title should include the name of the title in Title case inside single quotes and the author’s name only. (‘The Well of Loneliness’ by Radclyffe Hall)

2. Include Links.

Always support your post (especially any claims you make) with links to other web pages that are contextual to your post. When possible try to link to one of our partners sites. (See our Blogroll here.) Always include author and publisher websites.

3. Word Count.

Give readers the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words; One good way to do that is to try to make the first sentence in your book review your thesis. Reviews: 600-700 words Average.

4. Have an Angle.

Assert your thesis then back up your thesis with examples. Why did you hate/love it? How is it well/badly written? What stood out for you? Specifically always consider the plot, the character development and the writing style.

5. Mandatory info.

All reviews must include the title, subtitle, author name, publisher/imprint name, ISBN, and format, price and page count in this order.

Or Growing Sideways in the Twentieth Century
By Kathryn Bond Stockton
Duke University Press
ISBN: 978-0822343868
Hardcover, $22.95, 312p

6. Your Bio

Always include your full name and your most recent two-sentence bio. You’d be surprised how often this is left out.

7. Trans Outing.

And this applies to commenters as well. We never, ever out trans people. The probability that you’ll cause them major problems (including potential job loss and even murder) is way too high.