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Essays & Opinion (800 — 1,000 words):

We aim to publish stories not found anywhere else — stories about under-reported topics and issues that directly affect the LGBT literary community. Deadline: Ongoing.

Interviews (1,500 words):

We accept interviews for authors with new projects on the horizon. If the author in question published a book in the past month, is part of a film or TV adaptation, or recently won an award, then we certainly want to hear from them. Deadline: Ongoing.


Our new poetry section aims to represent the best LGBT voices in poetry today. We’re open to high quality work of any style and subject to be featured on our site each week. Both unpublished and previously published work, with permissions, will be considered–though we do have a preference for unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are welcome as long as you notify us immediately of their acceptance elsewhere. To submit work please click here. We look forward to reading your work. Deadline: Ongoing.

Reviews (800 words):

We can only review about a quarter of the books we receive for consideration. With that in mind, we try to keep the conversation on authors and books of the moment (usually books published within 2 months of today’s date with exceptions for previous Lambda Award winners or finalists). Here’s a list of books that we’re considering for review. If you know of new or upcoming books not on this list, please bring them to our attention. We may have overlooked them, or we may have a writer already working on a review.Guidelines and Deadlines here. Deadline: Ongoing.

Blogs & Dispatches (500 — 1,000 words):

Are you attending a Con or national LGBT book event? We need events bloggers to attend as correspondents. If you plan to attend Saints & Sinners, West Hollywood Book Fair, Miami Book Fair, ComicCon, or a local literary event you could be one of our on-location bloggers. Send your photo diaries, tips, and write-ups to the editor and you could be published on Deadline: Ongoing.

To submit a story, review, or interview, please email the editor. If this is your first contribution to please also send a two/three sentence bio, links to previously published work, and a link to your website.