September 16, 2014

Call for Submissions: Lesbian Erotic Fiction and Nonfiction

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Strange Flesh Press

We’re an exclusively lesbian (femslash, F/F) micropress dedicated to providing compelling stories about women who hunger for other women. (more…)

Call For Submissions: Don’t Be Shy–Erotica Anthology

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Here at Ylva Publishing, we obviously like romance. But every once in a while, we also want to read a story that sends our temperatures soaring—something not just passionate and romantic, but downright carnal. (more…)

Call for Submissions: What Does Your Avatar Say About You?

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Announcing a Bibliophilia writing contest: “What does your avatar say about you?” (more…)

Call for Submissions: Downtown Urban Theater Festival

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The Downtown Urban Theater Festival (DUTF) is currently accepting submissions for its 13th annual season to be held at HERE  in SoHo, New York City May 6-23, 2015. (more…)

Call For Submissions: Vitality Magazine

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We are a new literary magazine focusing on awesome stories featuring queer protagonists. We accept all mediums (short stories, flash fiction, poetry, comics, and art), all genres (fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, paranormal, mystery, thriller – bring it on!), all sexualities, and all genders

Our goal is to create an escape for the reader by telling entertaining, interesting stories featuring queer protagonists but where the plot does not revolve around their sexuality or gender. A positive portrayal of queerness is key. We are currently working on a promotional minizin” that will be offered to readers for free on our website, in anticipation of launching a kickstarter.

Submissions for the minizine are due Sept 25th. We offer a token payment of $10-25 depending on the medium. After the minizine, we begin work on the first issue. Anything submitted now could be published in the minizine or the first issue depending on where it fits. To find out more, visit the submissions page of our website.



Call for Submissions: Taboo Tales

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Margin Calls is accepting submissions for its Anthology Volume: Taboo Tales: Writing Off The Limits: (more…)

Call For Submissions: Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence

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The Baton Rouge Area Foundation is soliciting submissions for the 2014 Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence, a $10,000 award that honors a rising African-American fiction writer. Now in its eighth year, the book award enhances the visibility of black writers and further expands their audiences. It is underwritten by the donors of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation in celebration of Louisiana’s revered storyteller, Ernest J. Gaines. (more…)

Call for Submissions: Prism Comics Queer Press Grant

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Every year, Prism Comics awards the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant to assist in the publication and promotion of LGBT comics. The grant is funded by donors who are either creators who want to help others just starting out, or fans who want to see more LGBT creators get published.

Queer Press Grant Application Process (more…)

Call for Submissions: The Good Men Project’s Call for Poetry Submissions

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The Good Men Project’s poetry section continues to grow, and we’d love for you to be a part of that growth! (more…)

Call for Submissions: Chelsea Station Magazine

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Chelsea Station, an online magazine devoted to gay writing, is now accepting submissions for its fall issues.

The magazine publishes original and unpublished fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, memoir, humor, narrative travelogue, interviews, and reviews (books, theater, television, and film) relating to gay literature and gay men.

Submissions should be sent to

Manuscripts should be emailed as Word attachments. Please include your name, address, and e-mail contact information on the first page of your document. Please query about reprints or promotional excerpts. Please also include a brief bio of 100 words at the end of your submission. Please do not send more than one prose work or more than four poems for consideration.

The online magazine also features art and photos and contributors can query by sending samples or links to their portfolio.

Editors are also welcome to query about guest editing.