Reviews : Poetry

'Detainee' by Miguel Murphy

These are dark poems, drawing on dramatic juxtapositions of beauty to ugliness, the sublime to the demonic, and the grotesque to the familiar… read more

'IRL' by Tommy Pico

Where does poetry come from? Tommy Pico finds poetry everywhere, in everything. He makes the long poem popular again. He combats the MFA poet with colloquialisms and pop culture…. read more

‘The Missing Museum’ by Amy King

The Missing Museum is not an easy read, any more than an actual museum exhibit is a thought-free gimme of an experience. But, like the Smithsonian and the odd roadside attraction, it’s worth taking the time to explore…. read more

'Radiance' by Emanuel Xavier

Xavier’s spectral invocations derive no small power from an eye for simultaneity: between past and present, life and death, and for events separated only by geographical distance… read more