Reviews : Poetry

'Pretty Much Dead' by Daphne Gottlieb

This collection covers multitudes—the emotional and physical landscape of San Francisco, the politics of change, nontraditional intimacies, and stories of a city well-loved and well-complicated by the passing of time… read more

'When I Was a Twin' by Michael Klein

Good poets make us think; great poets make us imagine. And this is exactly what Michael Klein helps us do in his visceral, exultant, new collection of poetry and prose… read more

‘Impersonation’ by Joy Ladin

The angst and transcendence of that unique point in a transitioning person’s life—the last days that they exist in their birth gender, aware something shattering is emergent beneath the surface— is rarely captured so well as with the clarity and grace of Joy Ladin’s Impersonation. Written as part of a poetry triptych that includes Transmigration… read more

'I Must Be Living Twice' by Eileen Myles

There is infrequently anything as marvelous as being taken with a writer to a place in a whirlwind—to be rushed through streets, through lives, through interactions, through memory… read more

‘War of the Foxes’ by Richard Siken

If pressed, I could not name the boys or recite our favorite passages, but I feel certain that Richard Siken’s Crush (2005) was the book all of the gay aspiring poets at my college read and reread, dog-eared, and invoked reverently in workshops and on Facebook. Its texture–its “profound wildness that is also completely intelligible,”… read more