Reviews : Nonfiction

'The American Isherwood' edited by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman

The basic tenet of the artfully edited The American Isherwood by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman (University of Minnesota Press) is that a writer owns nothing else but his experience. In this sense, Christopher Isherwood was an “existentialist,” not in a murky hopeless way but by firmly clutching the idea that experience counts as… read more

‘Cruising the Movies: A Sexual Guide to the Oldies on TV’ by Boyd McDonald

Author-pornographer Boyd McDonald spent most of his life finding ways to anthologize the countless modes in which the gay community exists. To do so, he founded Straight to Hell (S.T.H), an erotic zine-diary that included stories from men in the community, as well as explicit photographs. Spanning between 1940 and 1980, the stories contained within… read more