Reviews : Mystery

Lesbian Mystery Lammy Finalists

Still catching up on the Lammy finalists? Here are the remaining three finalists in Lesbian Mystery. (You can read my reviews of Slash and Burn by Valerie Bronwen and Acquittal by Anne Laughlin here.) The Old Deep and Dark: A Jane Lawless Mystery by Ellen Hart Over 30 years of writing lesbian mysteries, Ellen Hart has won five Lammys for… read more

'Blackmail, My Love' by Katie Gilmartin

Blackmail, My Love is a book to read for the page-turning mystery, but to savor for the nuance and detail and heart-breaking reality of what it was to be a lesbian or a gay man in 1951 … read more

Lesbian Mysteries for Fall

“Mischief Night. Halloween. Day of the Dead. Howling winds. Footsteps in the leaves. Murder most foul. Mysteries and autumn just go together. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good mystery on a chill autumn night.”… read more

'The Lost Women of Lost Lake' by Ellen Hart

The Lost Women of Lost Lake (Bywater Books) by Ellen Hart takes readers to the lovely lake country of northern Minnesota. Hart’s famous characters Jane Lawless and Cordelia Thorn have gone to a high end resort at Lost Lake to help out two old friends, Tessa and Jill. Tessa and Jill run the resort, and… read more

'The Death of Lucy Kyte' by Nicola Upson

Nicola Upson’s series of mysteries featuring Josephine Tey are inherently multilayered: Tey was one pseudonym of real life novelist and playwright Elizabeth Mackintosh (1896-1952), now fully realized as a character in her own right. With The Death of Lucy Kyte, a true crime from the mid-1800s adds another layer to the more contemporary 1930s whodunit, memory… read more

The Return of Kate Delafield

Katherine Forrest is one of our iconic lesbian mystery novelists and Kate Delafield was our first out lesbian detective…. read more

'Family Issue' by Nat Burns

Family Issue (Bella Books) is set in southern Louisiana, near the Gulf of Mexico. Denni Hope, who grew up near Fortune Farm, has been asked by her ex-girlfriend, Patty Price, to investigate a rash of violence and vandalism which is plaguing the farm. Denni is a trained insurance investigator, and is quite willing to use her… read more

'Turning on the Tide’ by Jenna Rae

Turning on the Tide (Bella) opens by getting right to the point as we get a glimpse into the mind of a killer. Whether or not the perpetrator is sane remains to be seen. The identity of this mad person is not revealed, not at first. Slowly, the story unfolds to include a name, a face… read more

‘Pale Wings Protecting’ by Lesley Davis

Detective Daryl Chandler has a gift even she finds hard to explain. She has the uncanny ability to find missing children. When cases begun to surface of children being stolen from their mothers, Daryl is convinced that they are being given to well-off adoptive lesbian couples and she enlists the help of an old friend… read more