Reviews : Bio/Memoir

‘Teaching the Cat to Sit’ by Michelle Theall

“Michelle Theall’s new memoir, Teaching the Cat to Sit, brings some big topics—God, sexuality, abuse, loneliness, love, family—to the page. It’s a rocky ride, full of contentious conversations, frank disclosures, and plenty of struggle.”… read more

'The End of the Sherry' by Bruce Berger

Although there’s plenty of travel, Berger doesn’t consider his book travel literature. Following one of his literary idols, Lawrence Durrell, Berger aims instead for a “residence book.”… read more

'The End of Eve' by Ariel Gore

In this memoir, the reader obtains access to a nontraditional narrative of caretaking: Gore takes on the task of seeing her mother through her dying days, while also confronting cycles of abuse and manipulation in their relationship…. read more

'The Tooth Fairy' by Clifford Chase

Set against the backdrop of two major national events—the beginning stages of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, and 9/11—The Tooth Fairy is a collection of interconnected essays that explore the family dynamics and romantic relationships Clifford struggles with during both time periods…. read more

‘Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris’ by Edmund White

“[…] this book is more than just a love letter to a city (the title comes from a declaration White once made to an American who complained about Paris: ‘I like it. To me it seems so calm after New York. As if I’d already died and gone to heaven. It’s like living inside a pearl.’), but to the people who made up his experiences there.”… read more