Reviews : Fiction

'Guapa' by Saleem Haddad

Guapa by Saleem Haddad is the story of Rasa, a gay Muslim man. Told in real time during the span of a day, the book uses memory to tell Rasa’s story. The narrative offers insight into his childhood, American education, return home, career as a translator, and relationship with his secret lover, Taymor. The bulk… read more

'Juliana' by Vanda

Juliana illustrates a poignant message: to be queer was to be anti-American, in a time where being anti-American meant isolation and ruination… read more

'Tender' by Belinda McKeon

Tender is a story so true that despite gender or sexuality, the truth of being on the wrong end of unrequited makes us ache. The language is so bittersweet and beautiful that we fall vicariously in love… read more