Reviews : Fiction

'Boo' by Neil Smith

Smith ventures to convey a reality about bullying and mental health that is far braver than any you’ve ever read, as Boo is a spelunking adventure deep into the caves of life, death, good, evil, mortality, loss and grief…. read more

'The Devastation' by Melissa Buzzeo

The Devastation opens on the scene of two lovers at the bottom of the ocean, the ‘Devastation’ having swept away their language and identities. The text that follows strives to give form to such an existence… read more

'The Man With the Overcoat' by David Finkle

It is October, on an ordinary Tuesday evening (at 6:18 PM, to be precise) and Edward “Skip” Gerber has just exited the elevator into the lobby of the Manhattan office building where he works as a real estate lawyer. Preoccupied, he accepts a grey overcoat from a stranger:… read more

'One Hundred Days of Rain' by Carellin Brooks

In Carellin Brooks’ One Hundred Days of Rain, we meet a woman going through a divorce with a small son in Vancouver. Rain serves as a kind of co-narrator to the book; it’s both character and metaphor… read more

'Lost Boi' by Sassafras Lowrey

Lost Boi is a counterculture fairy tale, but the way Lowery turns all expectations upside down and finds hope in the darkest corners is the real magic here…. read more