Reviews : Fiction

'Nora Webster' by Colm T贸ib铆n

Colm T贸ib铆n鈥檚 latest novel, Nora Webster, has landed on multiple best of the year lists. It鈥檚 a fitting tribute for a book that is largely about taking stock…. read more

'Totempole' by Sanford Friedman

Totempole鈥檚 frank dealings with sex are not only notable but distinguish it from more well-known early gay novels like The City and the Pillar read more

'Just Girls' by Rachel Gold

Let me start with a quick summary of Just Girls published by Bella Books and written by the award-winning author, Rachel Gold: brilliant, brilliant and all kinds of brilliant…. read more

鈥楴ew York 1, Tel Aviv 0鈥 by Shelly Oria

“[…] the book鈥檚 main draw is the Oria鈥檚 uncanny ability to create rich, fully realized characters in the span of just a few pages, and to do so in a way that demonstrates her grasp of an impressive range of styles, genres, and structures.”… read more

'Now and Yesterday' by Stephen Greco

Fresh out of college, Peter moved to New York City in 1975. Wide-eyed and determined to make it as a poet, he and his boyfriend, Harold, moved into a place in Brooklyn, ready to face whatever hurdles came their way. Fast-forward to 2012, Peter is a bigwig at an advertising agency and Harold has long… read more

'Miracle Girls' by MB Caschetta

Miracle Girls is an intriguing blend鈥攑art exploration of family ties, part exploration of what faith can look like, part radical concept, part history鈥攁nd Caschetta does a wonderful job of weaving it all together…. read more

'Spheres of Disturbance' by Amy Schutzer

“[Spheres of Disturbance] disturbs our ideas about the end of our lives, about how death goes鈥攊t invites us to ask ourselves what we want, for our lives and our deaths.”… read more

'The Lightkeeper鈥檚 Wife' by Sarah Anne Johnson

Mid-19th century Cape Cod is no place for a woman alone. But Hannah Snow has no choice. When her husband, John, vanishes without a trace, she bravely steps into the role of lightkeeper, which includes attempting to rescue shipwreck survivors. When weeks go by and John鈥檚 horse is found without him, she takes on Billy… read more

'Barring Complications' by Blythe Rippon

No doubt about it: June 26, 2013 will always be remembered as one of the pivotal moments in the historical fight for LGBTQI rights. The tide which gathered first with the Stonewall uprising swept away the obstacles to marriage equality when the US Supreme Court decided that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional…. read more