'What We Left Behind’ by Robin Talley

Toni and Gretchen have been in the sort of instant love-at-first-sight that only happens in fairy tales. They met across a crowded high school dance floor and were a couple before the song ended. They’re  the model that all their friends aspire to. They have the future mapped out, until suddenly they don’t. They’ve been a… read more

'The Repercussions' by Catherine Hall

The Repercussions does not try to explain war, nor does it try to call us to action. It is simply a chronicle of the ways human beings mess each other up and what it takes, on an individual level, to keep on living… read more

'Pretty Much Dead' by Daphne Gottlieb

This collection covers multitudes—the emotional and physical landscape of San Francisco, the politics of change, nontraditional intimacies, and stories of a city well-loved and well-complicated by the passing of time… read more