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Bad Romance: Writers and Suicide

“Writers have had a long, contentious, volatile romance with suicide. I searched them out in high school and then college, when my first book of poetry–grim and suicidal–was published. Like many depressed adolescents, I sought out fellow travelers[…]”read more

The Banal and the Profane: Nik Nicholson

“Today, I acknowledge that no one else is responsible for my happiness, including God. So now, I’m wondering why God exists, or why I exist for that matter.”

This month’s “Banal and Profane” column comes to us from writer Nik Nicholson…. read more

Trans Women & The New Hypertext

“Major shifts have been brewing in video games and trans women are at the forefront of them. And these shifts have happened concurrently with shifts in cultural trans narratives and literature.”… read more