September 22, 2014

Robert O’Hara’s New Play ‘Bootycandy,’ the MacArthur Fellowship Winners, and More LGBT News

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This week in the LGBT-themed arts:

Playwright Horizons is showcasing Robert O’Hara’s new play Bootycandy, a scathing and extremely politically incorrect satire focusing on the intersections of gay life and black culture, and featuring five versatile actors playing multiple roles. (more…)

Roxane Gay: On Messiness, Not Belonging, and What Being Queer Taught Her About Being a (Bad) Feminist

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From covering pop culture, to writing beautifully crafted short stories Roxane Gay has long been a prolific online presence. Her work appears everywhere, including The Guardian, Twelve Stories, XO Jane, Salon, and The Rumpus (where she is also the essays editor). This year saw the release of her first novel, An Untamed State (Grove Atlantic, 2014) which garnered strong reviews. Holly Bass of The New York Times wrote, “ In this fable, the princess and a wicked witch relate to each other as real women do, and ultimately rescue each other.”  (more…)

“Dear Mr. Bezos”: Pushing Queer Romance Forward With Community Action

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Did you know that you could write to Jeff Bezos?

You can. His email is online. (more…)

Three Poems by Catherine Pond

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This week, three poems by Catherine Pond. (more…)

John Rechy: On the Gay Sensibility, Melding Truth and Fiction, and His Literary Legacy

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Born erudite, John Rechy, 83, is the author of twelve novels and three non-fiction works.

He was raised Mexican-American in El Paso, Texas at a time when Latino children were routinely segregated. He was assumed to be Anglo because of his light skin. A teacher “changed” his name from Juan to John. (more…)

“The Turing Test” by Jason Schneiderman

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This week, a new poem by Jason Schneiderman. (more…)

The Inauguration of ‘Nepantla’ in Chicago

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On Thursday, September 4, Chicago celebrated the release of the first issue of Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color.

The event, which was co-sponsored by Lambda Literary, was held in the auditorium of the Poetry Foundation and consisted of readings by four queer poets from the greater Chicago area. Their readings were deeply personal and moving. (more…)

A Pier Paolo Pasolini Biopic, Bret Easton Ellis Interviewed, a Sylvester Musical, and More LGBT News

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This week in the LGBT-themed arts:

Controversial Italian writer-filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini is the subject of a biopic directed by Abel Ferrera and starring Willem Dafoe, which will focus on the mystery surrounding Pasolini’s murder in 1975 and whether it occurred at the hands of a neo-fascist gang, an underage hustler whom Pasolini was trying to proposition, or some other party. (more…)

New in September: Sarah Waters, Cookie Mueller, Christos Tsiolkas, Jericho Brown, Saeed Jones, Daisy Hernandez, and Douglas Ray

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New month, new books! September is upon us, and so are a slew of new and noteworthy LGBT books. (more…)

Read Now! The Inaugural Issue of ‘Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color’

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 Bridges span liminal (threshold) spaces between worlds, spaces I call nepantla, a Nahuatl word meaning tierra entre medio. Transformations occur in this in-between space, an unstable, unpredictable, precarious, always-in-transition space lacking clear boundaries. Nepantla es tierra desconocida, and living in this liminal zone means being in a constant state of displacement–an uncomfortable, even alarming feeling. Most of us dwell in nepantla so much of the time it’s become a sort of “home.” Though this state links us to other ideas, people, and worlds, we feel threatened by these new connections and the change they engender.

– Gloria Anzaldua