Topside Press Autumn Invitational

Lisa Foad, Sara Woods, and Charles Theonia are the featured authors at the Topside Press Autumn Invitational reading at BGSQD in New York City. The event will also showcase short readings by several emerging transgender and queer writers, including Mia Mikowicz, Bader AlAwadhi, Constance Augusta A. Zaber, Tom LĂ©ger, Gabe Evans, Thel Seraphim, Michael Rex, and Cat Fitzpatrick…. read more

Behind the Yellow Wallpaper: Literature and the Psychology of Change

Charlotte Perkins Gilman published “The Yellow Wallpaper” in 1892, exposing the realities behind the (mis)treatment of women’s mental health issues through the infamous “rest cure.” In doing so, Gilman not only opened a dialogue on the medical, social, and emotional treatment of women in society, but eventually effected change on how women’s mental health was… read more

Emerging Queer Writers Reading Series

Howl Happening: An Arturo Vega Project in partnership with Bowery Arts and Science and Lambda Literary Foundation, brings together some of the city’s brightest emerging queer literary talent for an evening of poetry, prose, and performance…. read more