Bequest Form for Literary Rights

Attention AUTHORS — What plans have you made for your works to live on after you’re gone? You can leave a literary legacy with a simple bequest to Lambda Literary, the organization whose stated mission is to ensure that queer stories are written, published and read.
  • 1. Your literary works are a material asset. When preparing your WILL or TRUST, be sure to list them in your estate according to laws in your state. 2. Name LAMBDA LITERARY as the beneficiary of your literary rights. By including future royalties also, you’ll be supporting our mission to ensure that LGBTQ stories are written, published and read. 3. Once you’ve made the arrangements, drop us a note (at [email protected]) so we can honor your gift. Your pledge isn’t legally binding — that requires a WILL or TRUST — and bequests may be subject to the terms of publishing contracts.