Articles by: William Johnson

Call for Submissions: Big Pond Rumours

Big Pond Rumours, the international Literary E-Zine, is looking for your submission. The deadline for the current contest in our Winter 2016 Issue of Big Pond Rumours, the International Literary E-Zine is coming up fast on December 30, 2015. But that is not your only chance to win. We have a contest in every issue!… read more

Call For Submissions: The Big Brick Review

The Big Brick Review is a nonfiction online journal that seeks personal essays which build on the narrative of our lives, finding new insight to old struggles…old insight to new struggles…and all shades-of-gray in between…. read more

Behind the Yellow Wallpaper: Literature and the Psychology of Change

Charlotte Perkins Gilman published “The Yellow Wallpaper” in 1892, exposing the realities behind the (mis)treatment of women’s mental health issues through the infamous “rest cure.” In doing so, Gilman not only opened a dialogue on the medical, social, and emotional treatment of women in society, but eventually effected change on how women’s mental health was… read more