Articles by: William Johnson

Call for Submissions: Anthology on Disability, Mental Illness, and Sex

Mad Crip Sex is seeking creative and scholarly submissions for “mad/crip/sex,” an anthology of writings by, for, and about disability and sex. We’re looking primarily for personal narratives and experiences, which might take the form of essays, interviews, fiction, poetry, visual art, critical analysis, or anything else that helps you tell your story. We are interested not… read more

Call for Submissions: Big Pond Rumours

Big Pond Rumours, the international Literary E-Zine, is looking for your submission. The deadline for the current contest in our Winter 2016 Issue of Big Pond Rumours, the International Literary E-Zine is coming up fast on December 30, 2015. But that is not your only chance to win. We have a contest in every issue!… read more