Articles by: Sarah Sarai

'Happiness, Like Water' by Chinelo Okparanta

It is the opposition of expectations, more than opposition of cultures, which affects the characters in Happiness, Like Water, a debut collection of ten stories by Nigerian author Chinelo Okparanta. … read more

'Postage Due' by Julie Marie Wade

A collection of straight-ahead poems is a good thing, but equally good and also refreshing is a poetry collection diverse as a sound financial portfolio, with poems, prose, prose poems, epistles, and postcards revealing versatility and offering preventative action against dread humdrum…. read more

'Allen Ginsberg' by Steve Finbow

I have heard rumors, lately, of a poet once of the City of New York named Ahron Grinsberg, no wait, that’s my building manager, let’s see, yes, here: Allen Ginsberg. He seemed to have had a faint few followers when he resided in the formerly seedy East Village…. read more

'Buddha in My Belly' by Brittany K. Fonte

If Roseanne Barr wrote prose poems, they wouldn’t be so very different from those in Buddha in My Belly, Brittany K. Fonte’s debut collection (Hopewell Publications, 2012).  Like Barr’s routines, these pieces are sardonic, honest—and about women. Sometimes it’s hard to be one. Okay, that was Tammy. Anyway…. read more

'My Sister Chaos' by Lara Fergus

The world of My Sister Chaos (Spinifex Press) is disconcerting. Always near the surface of this quiet and speculative methodical tale is the fact that we are in a time of crisis…. read more