Aaron Hartzler: Waiting for the Rapture

“A librarian who read the book recently contacted me and said, ‘I loved your book, I just wish there had been more gay content in it.’ Of course my response was, ‘Me TOO!’ I wish I had been able to knock down the closet door at 16 and take the world by storm.”

Aaron Harzler explores sexuality and religion in his young adult memoir Rapture Practice, published this month by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers…. read more

Carol Anshaw: Capturing Time

“I’m queer, much of my world is queer. It would feel weird to create a fictional world without queer characters in it. Plus, the ways we inhabit our lives is fiercely interesting to me. Our place in the greater culture is changing and I want to chronicle that.”

Carol Anshaw’s Carry the One is a complex story about three siblings, one of which is a lesbian. They are catapulted into different directions after one fatal accident, a moment they can pinpoint as the night that changed their lives. Carry the One is about addiction, love, loss, recovery, and time. It’s harrowing and wonderfully crafted.

Ms. Anshaw kindly agreed to answer a few of Lambda’s questions about her new novel…. read more

Emily M. Danforth: Exploring Compelling Young Adult Characters

“What I hope The Miseducation of Cameron Post offers to its readers is a nuanced picture of a particular time and place as seen through the eyes of a young woman discovering her sexuality and her voice.”

Author Emily M. Danforth sat down to answer a few questions about her new book, The Miseducation of Cameron Post , her thoughts on LGBTQ YA novels, and writing and growing up gay in Miles City, Montana.

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J.H. Trumble: Beyond Self-Awareness

“I want readers to find themselves in this novel, to see their own potential for greatness, authenticity, to understand that they are not their mistakes and that others do not have the power to define them unless we give them that power, and to see that there is great power in time and perseverance.”… read more

P.C. Cast: Standing up for What's Right

Paranormal Setting. Real-world Issues Our teen correspondent Brent Taylor chats with New York Times bestselling author, P.C. Cast. A former high school teacher, Cast understands the reality and complexity of American teen life even if her characters live in paranormal worlds. Cast’s latest young adult novel, the 8th book in the House of Night series,… read more

4Qs for Nick Burd

1. In your novel, The Vast Fields of Ordinary,  is the main “love story” between Dade/Pablo or Dade/Alex. How so? I think the real love story is between Dade and Alex, but that’s not to say that the relationship that Pablo and Dade have isn’t significant in its own way. Pablo is way too closeted… read more

Top 10 Most Memorable LGBT Teen Fiction Characters According to Brent

With every book I read, I connect with each character in a unique way. I take something different from each one of them. By reading about these characters, I’ve figured out important things about who I am and who I want to be. Here are the Top 10 LGBT Teen Fiction Characters that have had… read more